Processing Magazine

Low-profile Pressure Sifter

April 5, 2012

A just-introduced pressure sifter removes oversize particles at ultra-high rates and can be operated under a blanket of an inert gas, to prevent the escape of hazardous gases or to sift in-line with pressurized reactors. The Vibroscreen Low-Profile Pressure Sifter from Kason is capable of scalping bulk materials at rates to 50 tons per hour. The 72 in. diameter unit is engineered and constructed to operate under pressure on a batch or continuous basis. Connections to the incoming line, discharge line for on-size particles, and discharge spout for oversize particles are sealed using flexible pressure sleeve connectors. The low profile "Flo-Thru" design employs two unbalanced-weight gyratory motors mounted on opposing exterior sidewalls of the unit, instead of one motor positioned beneath the screening chamber, reducing minimum height requirements significantly. The design also aligns the top inlet above the bottom outlet, allowing on-size material to descend through the screen in a straight-through path at high rates. Oversize material is ejected through a spout at the periphery of the screen. The Pressure Sifter is offered in stainless steel and carbon steel in diameters from 18 to 84 in. (460 to 2135 mm). For more information, go to