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Magnetic sight flow indicator allows for 360 degrees of visibility from up to 200 feet

January 23, 2006
The CFLO-360 is a magnetically operated flow indicator — there is no need for wipers, flappers or illumination as seen on typical armored sight flows. The unit incorporates a turbine with a magnetic assembly that couples through a flow chamber to an exterior visual indicator. The device allows for 360 degrees of visibility from up to 200 feet of distance, whereas previous designs were difficult to see from any distance and only could be viewed from two angles. The ability to view critical flow lines from greater distances minimizes operator errors in determining flow, as well as operator exposure to hazardous processes. Conventional glass sight flow indicators incur such health risks that they have been banned by some petrochemical companies, but there never has been a product to replace them. The design eliminates contact between glass and processes, diminishing chemical leaks or spills and the added cost of protective gear; allows for use with clear liquids, gas and substances that have a tendency to coat; and reduces falling or tripping hazards when viewing critical flow lines. It can be manufactured out of any non-magnetic material including stainless steel Hastalloy, PVC Teflon, etc.