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Magnetostrictive technology offers reliability and durability over time

September 29, 2008

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division''s TemposonicsĀ® R-Series linear-position sensors provide reliability, durability and consistency in machine tooling applications due to the absolute position inherent in magnetostrictive technology. Temposonics position sensors utilize non-contact technology, so they provide wear-free measurement for the highest standard of repeatability and long-term stability. Due to the linear operation of absolute length measurement, the need for time-consuming zero-setting by reference marks is omitted in magnetostrictive sensors so re-calibration is not necessary throughout the sensor''s lifetime. Absolute position feedback is preferable to the incremental approach in machine tooling because the latter only tells how far something has moved from its previous location. An absolute position sensor, however, will provide the absolute position upon restart so no "re-homing" or re-calibration of the sensor is necessary. Temposonics R-Series sensors can resolve position repeatedly to as low as 1 micron, enabling high-precision absolute positioning for long travel applications such as those found in machining centers (up to 5 meters) with a single sensing device.