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Mass Flowmeters and Controllers Withstand Corrosive Gases

January 6, 2011
To overcome the challenges of process control in aggressive environments, the manufacturer has developed the mass flowmeters and controllers with 316L stainless steel construction and FFKM elastomeric materials for the more common corrosive gases and gas mixes used in caustic process environments. The units are calibrated for thirty inert gases and a number of corrosive gases that would damage standard equipment, including ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide. The mass flowmeters quickly and accurately measure pressure, temperature and volumetric flow in addition to mass flow. The patented laminar flow differential pressure technology delivers highly accurate results with a much faster response time than that of competing technologies, according to the manufacturer. For applications requiring precision gas flow control, the mass flow controllers deliver accurate flow regulation of corrosive gases with the ability to respond to upstream gas flow changes, attaining and maintaining flow setpoints in less than 100ms. Both units operate simply as stand-alone devices. An integrated digital display enables users to change the configuration of the meter without the need for computers, complicated software or scripts.