Global Processing

Metals analyzer for fast, reliable and cost-effective analyses

August 3, 2009
The metals analyzer features four configurations specifically designed for the analysis of cast iron, steel and aluminum samples, addressing the analytical requirements of foundries and metals processing companies. Calibrated in the factory, the analyzer provides an immediate, accurate, cost-effective and high-performance turnkey solution, which is ready to analyze samples from installation. With an installed base of more than 5,000 units worldwide, the analyzer is recognized for its excellent stability, reliability, repeatability and long lifetime. The cost-effective analyzer offers the same high performance capabilities, particularly regarding detection limits, precision and accuracy. Powered by the manufacturer’s analytical software, it is designed to meet the specific needs of users in the metals industry. The software provides simple one-click routine analysis launch and full traceability and allows users to run virtually unlimited analyses, including the development of new analytical methods and calibrations, rapid high-quality routine analyses and quantitative analyses using tasks with analysis parameter templates. This easy-to-use, comprehensive solution features access to recent analyses results for on-screen comparison, a simple graphic user interface and triple navigation style including menu, tree and icon views to accommodate individual preferences. Additionally, the analytical software provides access to various functional levels through password-protected user accounts allowing for secure operation.