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Meter can measure pH, mV, salinity, TDS, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity

August 22, 2006

Thermo Electron Corporation recently introduced the Orion 5-Star pH meter, the newest addition to Orion Star™ Series, a line of meters, electrodes, accessories and solutions for electrochemistry measurement. The portable Orion 5-Star meter is capable of measuring pH, mV, salinity, TDS, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity, and can be purchased by itself or in a convenient package including all electrodes, buffers and a field case. Designed to respond to customers'' needs for simultaneous measurement and display of pH, conductivity, DO and temperature measurements, the Orion 5-Star meter is designed to meet the IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring that it stands up to the most demanding field measurement conditions. In addition, the unique Smart Averaging™ feature in the Orion 5-Star provides faster meter response time and increased accuracy and precision without user intervention. Significant features of the Orion 5-Star pH meter include waterproof minDIN locking electrode connectors to ensure a secure connection; smart integration between the conductivity and DO channels such that the meter uses the salinity measurement from the conductivity probe for a more accurate DO measurement; auto buffer recognition to improve ease of use; 200-point datalogging including time and date stamp; custom backlit display for visibility in low light environments; Star Navigator 21TM Software to enable compliance with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation.