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Minimize the spread of swine or bird flu with rapid fever screening

June 24, 2009
Amid growing fears of a possible flu pandemic, a complete line of fever alert products designed specifically for rapid screening of individuals in public places for elevated body temperatures, potentially minimizing the spread of Swine and Bird flu, has entered the market. With the flexibility to choose the product that bests suits your application-from a hand held infrared thermometer or a thermal imaging camera, to a high resolution thermal imaging system- the fever products will quickly and automatically detect the hottest temperature on a subject, making further evaluation easy. They detect critical temperature differences in real time, and give off both audible and visible alarms for increased body temperature, or fever above the "normal" (98.6 °F or 37°C), which is often a good clinical indication of possible infection. Accurate, reliable, cost-effective and easy to use; there is no delay processing people with the fever alert products. Non-contact and non-invasive, they are safe for both the subject and the operator.