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Mining company benefits from energy management capabilities

July 24, 2012

MELBOURNE, Australia — MMG Golden Grove has joined EnerNOC''s demand side management network in Western Australia, says EnerNOC, the provider of energy management applications for industrial and other type facilities.

MMG will leverage EnerNOC''s DemandSMART application to participate in demand response and support reductions in energy consumption at its underground and open pit base and precious metals mine, located approximately 280 kilometers east of Geraldton, Wash.

MMG Golden Grove operates 24/7, year-round, and produces concentrates of zinc, copper and high precious metals that are exported to smelters in China, Korea, Japan, India, and Thailand. MMG will reduce its power consumption by as much as 15 megawatts (MW) when EnerNOC''s network is dispatched by System Management, the entity that is responsible for managing the real-time operation of the regional power system.

In return for this service, which supports safe, secure and reliable operation of the power system, MMG will earn substantial payments to help offset operational costs, including electricity usage. In addition, EnerNOC will work with MMG to incorporate demand side management into the mine''s strategic energy management plan, with the goal of contributing to the company''s ongoing energy performance targets.

"MMG is committed to proactively managing our energy use, and EnerNOC''s energy management software will enable us to strategically monitor our usage and help us meet our energy performance targets, while helping to support the reliability of our region''s electric power grid," Pierre Malan, MMG Golden Grove''s General Manager, says.

EnerNOC''s DemandSMART software will provide MMG real-time visibility into its energy usage patterns and sources of energy consumption at the Golden Grove mine. This data will enable Golden Grove staff to optimize participation in demand side management dispatches and identify cost-saving opportunities through efficiency measures.