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Modular drum hot box

September 15, 2003

Company offers a full line of drum warming equipment, including the new Modular Drum Hot Box. Its new design allows the oven to be shipped in two sections, making it ideal for customers with low doorways or restricted access into a building. For example, a tall Hot Box can now be located on a second floor with a low elevator. The top and bottom sections simply bolt together. The sections can be stacked up to three-high, which reduces the footprint of the oven, thus saving floor space. Extra shipping charges and permits for tall loads are eliminated. Modular units are heated by steam, electricity, hot oil or hot water. Each features heavy-duty welded carbon steel construction for years of industrial duty. Stainless steel is also available. Hot Boxes replace inefficient homemade hot rooms and band heaters. They are safe and energy-efficient.