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Monsanto files patent lawsuit against DuPont

May 6, 2009
According to the Associated Press, Monsanto Co. has filed a federal lawsuit against DuPont and its subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., claiming unlawful use of Monsanto''s proprietary Roundup Ready herbicide tolerant technologies in soybeans and corn. The St. Louis-based company said Pioneer publicly spoke of plans to replace Monsanto''s Roundup Ready trait with its Optimum GAT trait but recently admitted that its Optimum GAT trait, when used alone, presents unacceptable risks to farmers. Monsanto went on to claim that Pioneer is misusing Monsanto''s Roundup Ready trait to mask these problems, violating Monsanto''s contract rights and U.S. patents. In a statement responding to the lawsuit DuPont group vice president James Borel said this move is another example of Monsanto''s use of litigation and "aggressive tactics to preserve their monopoly and attempt to intimidate customers, seed partners and competitors."