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More bodies found from North Sea helicopter crash

April 6, 2009
Police confirmed that divers searching for the final victim of a deadly helicopter crash off the Scottish coast found the man''s body, reported by the Associated Press. Seven other bodies and the flight data recorder were discovered earlier in the wreckage on the floor of the North Sea. Sixteen people were killed when the helicopter crashed 14 miles (20 kilometers) off Peterhead in northeast Scotland in clear, calm conditions. The pilot and co-pilot were among those recovered, police said. The bodies of eight other passengers were recovered in the hours immediately after the crash. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch will analyze the flight data recorder. The recovery of the wreckage of the helicopter continues, the organization said in a statement. BP PLC has said the helicopter was coming back from the company''s Miller oil field when it crashed. British firm Bond Offshore Helicopters operated it. BP says it has discontinued using the helicopters for an unspecified period.