Global Processing

Multi-Shaft Mixer Available for Mixing Trials

April 18, 2011
The VersaMix mixer is composed of three independently driven agitators working in tandem. The high-speed disperser quickly draws powders into the liquid batch through a powerful vortex. The rotor/stator can break down agglomerates, accelerate homogenization, or prepare fine droplets in an emulsion. The low-speed anchor promotes bulk flow and uniform batch temperature while scraping the vessel sidewalls and bottom. Optional features include vacuum-capability, clean-in-place spray nozzles, temperature probes, interchangeable jacketed mix vessels, powder induction capability (available on special design rotor/stators), sight/charge ports, control panels and PLC systems. Offered in many sizes from 1 through 4000 gallons capacity. Units are available for no-charge mixing trials at the Ross Test & Development Center. Trial/Rental units are also in stock.