Global Processing

Multi-use Steam Tunnel

August 20, 2012

PDC International Corp. has introduced a multi-use steam tunnel engineered specifically for packagers of food, beverages and personal care products who want 300 cpm capacity without the cost and complexity of multiple tunnels. The robust, high-speed KST 140-712 tunnel accommodates the broadest range of containers, including those that have proven difficult to shrink consistently in traditional tunnels, and those that have required a second tunnel to complete the task. The KST 140-712 is a dual-wall, dual-zone system providing over 1,000 inches of live shrink area via five pairs of steam tubes in each of the two zones. Each row is externally adjustable for steam volume, flow and rotary position. A proprietary nozzle positioner allows the highly focused application of steam to specific points on the package. Adjustments can be made “on the fly,” saving both utility costs and production time, since there is no need for cool-down or ramp up during adjustment.