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Nanofiber filter cartridges ideal for water and wastewater applications

July 20, 2009
Filter cartridges provide the cutting edge in water and wastewater filtration, by utilizing advanced nanofiber technology to filter both through electro-adhesion and mechanical processes. The cartridges, which feature ceramic nanofibers on a micro-glass matrix, provide outstanding reduction of virus, bacteria, cysts, endotoxin and many other submicron particles. Additional Features Include: pure-polypropylene support components; standard 2-3/4" diameter single-layer cartridges or unique multi-layered 4-1/2" diameter cartridges; and single open end with 222 silicone O-rings standard for all sizes. The cartridges are available in standard or carbon version. According to the manufacturer, their efficiency is equal to or better than polymeric UF/MF membranes with much higher flow and much lower cost and pressure drop. Potable water applications for the filter cartridges include RO pre-filtration, beverage bottling and agriculture. Industrial and wastewater applications include industrial water, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and wastewater treatment.