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Navy Pursuing Hijacked Tanker Off Somalia

April 5, 2010
The Associated Press reports according to officials a South Korean navy destroyer rushed toward a U.S.-bound supertanker, believed to have been hijacked, by Somali pirates with up to $160 million of crude oil on board, the latest bold seizure in the Indian Ocean. It was unclear what the warship would do once it reached the tanker since firing on the vessel would risk igniting the oil or leaking it into the sea. The warship had been in the Gulf of Aden on anti-piracy operations. The 300,000-ton-class tanker was about 930 miles southeast of the gulf at the time of the apparent hijacking, according to the Foreign Ministry. It has 24 crew — five South Koreans and 19 Filipinos. The warship was ordered to move toward Somali waters where the South Korean-operated tanker was expected to have been taken. The ship is owned by a Singapore company. The tanker was sailing from Iraq to the U.S. state of Louisiana with its 24 sailors, the ministry said. click here for video...