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New butterfly valve for easy system expansion without shutdown

May 21, 2007
GF Piping Systems has introduced the new corrosion-resistant Type 568 Lug Style Butterfly Valve. The new valve’s lug style design is intended specifically for dead-end service and fully pressure rated at 150 psi to allow for easy system expansion to the pipeline without the expense of system shutdown. Typical applications include industrial water treatment, potable water treatment, swimming pools, water parks and waste water systems in such industries as chemical, chemical distribution, electroplating and power plants. The new butterfly valve offers a modular design with epoxy coated iron lug body. The wetted inner body, disc and bearings are available in choice of PVC, CPVC, SYGEF PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), or PROGEF® Natural Polypropylene materials to match the outer pipe material. This inter-system compatibility between the inner body material and outer pipe material provide excellent chemical compatibility throughout the system. In addition to the valve’s psi rating of 150 psi, other outstanding performance characteristics include an operating temperature of up to 80°C for PROGEF® and CPVC, 120°C for PVDF, and 60°C for PVC. Other features include a double eccentric disc design that reduces seal friction and improves seal wear characteristics, resulting in longer service life, minimal maintenance and better protection against pressure surges. This design also lowers the torque required to operate the valve, allowing easy manual operation and use of smaller actuators at a significantly reduced cost.