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New Clear PVC Pipe Offers Superior Clarity for Applications Requiring Visual Monitoring or Leak Detection

January 28, 2008
GF Piping Systems has introduced a new line of clear Schedule 40 PVC pipe for fluid applications requiring visual monitoring. The excellent clarity of the new clear PVC make it a perfect choice for confirming flow direction in a pipe and fluid color changes or contamination within a system. It can also be used as secondary containment piping to provide a quick and easy visual indication of system leaks. Offering the same physical characteristics as standard opaque PVC, clear PVC is strong, lightweight, corrosion-free and chemically resistant to a wide range of fluids. In addition, clear PVC is completely compatible with standard Schedule 40 PVC fittings, making system installation quick and easy. In applications requiring simply visual confirmation of contamination or leaks, clear PVC piping can result in significant cost savings over the expensive traditional detection instrumentation used in opaque piping systems. Some of the many applications where it may be profitable to use clear PVC pipe include secondary containment of tubing systems conveying high purity fluids used in semiconductor processing, secondary containment of aggressive chemical transport systems, and sight tubes for monitoring fluid levels.