Processing Magazine

New Coriolis technology outperforms in the widest range of entrained gas conditions

July 13, 2006

New breakthrough technology announced by Emerson Process Measurement delivers next generation Coriolis flow measurement performance by the company’s Micro Motion® meters. With next generation MVD™ (multi-variable digital) technology and improved sensor design, Micro Motion Coriolis can handle even a wider range of entrained gas measurement challenges. Identifying and measuring two-phase (gas and liquid) flow is difficult for flow measurement devices, often producing large metering error or requiring an additional investment in air eliminators or flow conditioning devices. Micro Motion technology solves this process dilemma by accurately measuring flows with entrained gas that include bubble flow, slug flow, and empty-full-empty batch applications with increased processing speeds enabled by new MVD technology and unique Coriolis sensor design. The next-generation Micro Motion Coriolis technology significantly improves custody transfer metering, and flow measurement applications in manufacture of such products as film emulsions, beer (wort), glucose, liquid fertilizers, soaps and lotions, hair care products, phenols, dairy products, polyethylene, well heads, and ethylene oxide.