Processing Magazine

New cylindrical vacuum dryers

September 26, 2006

New line of cylindrical dryers are ideal for use in the chemical process industries. The unit shown is a 150 cubic-foot model. It is being used to dry specialty chemicals. Internal agitation consists of an improved paddle design, set at opposing angles, to ensure that the materials being dried are continuously exposed to the jacketed surface area of the trough and endplates. The cylindrical dryer line can include the following special features: a variety of materials of construction such as hastelloy and stainless steel; full vacuum and internal pressure operation; dimpled and baffled jackets on trough sides and endplates to 200 psig; polished surfaces up to a mirror finish; and special discharge valves – flush plug, spherical, slide gate, etc. Designs are available from 1 through over 500 cubic feet. Other options include choppers for size reduction, spray nozzles, variable speed drives, control systems, etc.