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New direct drive industrial fan features three-year warranty

September 16, 2009
Developed initially for top mounted dust collector installations, the new industrial fan is also serving an expanding range of industrial applications, such as air filtration and pneumatic conveying. The fan wheel uses flat backward inclined steel blades designed for long life in hostile environments, and coupled with the streamlined inlet, reduces vibration and noise levels dramatically. Fully run tested, the energy efficient industrial fan is backed by the manufacturer’s exclusive 3-year warranty. The industrial fan is designed to increase the stable operating range by over 20 percent, allowing dust collector suppliers to offer a wider performance range, thereby eliminating unnecessary fan sizes, according to the manufacturer. The industrial fan is offered in 12 sizes from 122 to 365, varying widths, and three motor RPMs. Since the fan is a direct drive fan, initial cost is less and the usual belt drive problems are eliminated.