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New FreeFlow™ Differential Pressure Flow Meter

January 30, 2008
AW-Lake Company, the North American manufacturer and distributor of flow meter products, announced recently the release of a new differential pressure flow meter as a simple alternative measurement technique which incorporates no moving parts.

The FreeFlow flow meter is a rugged, compact meter constructed of PVC, polyetherimide and polycarbonate materials. Its simple segmented wedge design offers a low cost, reliable and minimally invasive measurement technique. Measuring accuracy of the FreeFlow flow meter is ±2 percent of range, with repeatability of ±1/2 percent of full scale.

Lake engineers developed the new meter utilizing the segmented wedge differential pressure sensing technology to address the flow metering needs of OEM and integrated process monitoring and control applications. The FreeFlow is targeted toward applications demanding a low cost, minimally invasive and maintenance free flow measuring solution.