Processing Magazine

New high accuracy thermal mass flowmeter

July 30, 2007

With its highly intelligent, no-moving-parts design, the ST50 Flow Meter Series from Fluid Components International is now available with a high-precision +1 percent accuracy configuration for line sizes from 2 to 24 inches and is suitable for applications in air, compressed air, HVAC and process gases, including nitrogen. The new high accuracy ST50 Flow Meter features FCI’s thermal dispersion mass flow sensing technology, which provides direct flow measurement for higher performance at a lower cost. With the ST50, there is no need for the temperature sensors, flow computers or other devices required with orifice plates, Venturis, Vortex shedding and other meters. The ST50’s unique design also provides built-in temperature compensation for reliable measurement over a wide temperature range with almost no pressure-drop. The versatile unit features a wide flow range, measuring air flow from 1 to 125 SFPS, nitrogen from 1 to 150 SFPS and compressed air from 4 to 400 SFP. Accuracy is +1 percent of reading, +0.5 percent of full scale with repeatability of +0.5 percent of reading. It operates at temperatures from +40 to 100 degrees F.