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New High Shear Micronizing Wet Mill

April 12, 2010

The new innovative rotor-stator suspension milling technology provides an alternative to traditional media milling. To liquid pharmaceutical processors interested in suspension milling and micronization, the unit offers more than fifty times the high shear milling energy of a conventional rotor-stator system, due to its high velocity rotor and unique tooling geometry, according to the manufacturer. Difficult-to-clean and time consuming media mill processing can now be displaced with a sanitary high-capacity solution. The series features three different models ranging from 25-125Hp depending on desired capacity, up to approximately 150gpm. All models utilize energy-optimized tooling that operates at tip speeds up to 70m/s with the lowest power consumption in the industry, in addition to a sanitary high-speed mechanical seal that eliminates potential trap areas around the rotor shaft for improved CIP results.