Processing Magazine

New IR spectrometer for gas manufacturing

March 13, 2006
New IR spectrometer for gas manufacturers known as the InterceptIR™ provides research-grade performance, speed and sensitivity for trace gas analysis in demanding process environments and monitors air separation units for hydrocarbon build-up, thus leading to overall safer manufacturing operations. The InterceptIR is based on Thermo’s Nicolet™ Antaris™ Industrial Gas System (IGS), an FT-IR analyzer that provides repeatable gas analysis with the capability of simultaneously analyzing over 100 gas species. Since atmospheric hydrocarbons can unexpectedly build-up in the reboiler and liquid oxygen baths of air separation plants leading to explosions, it is important to continuously monitor for contamination. The InterceptIR provides real-time, species-specific analysis of a product stream and configures alarms on a component-by-component basis so that appropriate actions can be taken should a hydrocarbon release occur near an air separation unit. An important advantage of IR spectroscopy for this application is that nitrogen, oxygen and argon do not interact with IR light and are thus transparent.