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New iron butterfly valve offers superior service life for harsh industrial applications

August 16, 2005
New Type 388 Metallic Butterfly Valve is designed in two styles — cast iron wafer and ductile iron lug — with both configurations featuring heavy-duty iron capable of withstanding rugged industrial use for increased service life. Typical points of use include water and wastewater applications for either pressure or vacuum service. The Type 388 Butterfly Valve incorporates a number of design features that offer easy maintenance, high performance, and safety. Its longneck body provides plenty of room – a full two inches — for adding insulation with ANSI 150 pipe flanges. The unit’s heavy-duty two-piece stem allows removal of only one piece of the valve, rather than the complete valve, making it easier to service and reassemble in the field. The valve stem is pinned into the body, which not only prevents slippage or accidental removal, but also provides operator safety. Other features include corrosion-resistant wetted materials, a streamlined disc that enables maximum flow with minimum seat wear, and a unique lip design that prevents the liner from moving downstream, eliminating seat and flange leakage. The valve body is coated with an electrostatically applied thermoset polyester coating to ensure long life.