Processing Magazine

New Laser Displacement Sensor

April 6, 2010

The new laser displacement sensor provides a 392 kHz sampling rate that’s eight times faster than previous models, ±0.02-percent full scale linearity and 0.01µm repeatability, according to the manufacturer. More compact than previous models, it mounts easily in tight production environments where space is limited. Today’s need to increase production and inspection speeds and improve product quality makes it even more necessary to provide a high performance measurement sensor like the sensor for inline applications. New technology in the sensor stably captures displacement of moving or rotating targets with high linearity. A newly developed HDE (High Definition Ernostar) lens together with twice the pixel resolution, result in highly-defined received light wave patterns. Three selectable built in algorithms improve the application solving potential. Added capabilities include the ability to perform calculations for up to 12 sensor heads for flatness, warpage and multi-point thickness. As an added bonus, the sensor includes the ability to measure speed and acceleration while measuring displacement.