Processing Magazine

New line card for biotech and pharmaceutical processing

February 24, 2009

Manufacturer L.J. Star, Inc. has updated its line card of process observation equipment designed for use in sanitary applications, including sight glasses, sanitary fittings, visual flow indicators, light ports, vessel camera systems, and bubble traps. The line card provides a handy resource for finding products that address the specific needs of biotechnical and pharmaceutical processing, including CIP and SIP applications. For visual inspection of vessels and pipes, the new literature describes sterile visual-flow indicators, flush-mount sight windows, high-pressure in-line sight flow indicators, and MetaClamp® sanitary sight glasses. Metaglas® fused sight glass technology provides high glass strength, meets the standards for USP Type I glass, and offers excellent sanitary-service characteristics. Also included is a self-draining hygienic bubble trap, the first bubble trap designed specifically for pharmaceutical applications. Four types of hygienic clamps are featured: 316 stainless-steel hygienic clamps; hygienic lock-out clamps for increased safety on high-temperature lines; hygienic safety clamps designed so that they cannot swing open unless the fastener is fully released; and ASME-compliant hygienic clamps that are double-bolted and hinged for quick access to the line for cleaning or inspection.