Global Processing

New Method for Simple and Accurate Analysis of Cadmium in Chocolate

June 21, 2010

The spectrometer allows simple analysis of the trace element cadmium. The innovative Graphite Furnace TeleVision (GFTV) capability of the unit also aids method development as sample deposition and sample drying can be viewed in real-time inside the cuvette. The method is detailed in an application note entitled “The Analysis of Cadmium in Chocolate by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry". The new application note demonstrates how the atomic absorption spectrometer provides a simple and accurate tool for the analysis of cadmium in chocolate. Samples were analyzed following a simple digestion procedure, and matrix matched standards were used to accurately determine cadmium concentration. The unique GFTV enabled easy optimization of the position of the injection capillary and allowed visualization of the deposition of the sample into the cuvette, ensuring accuracy and repeatability. In addition, the wizard-driven SOLAAR software enabled quick and easy furnace optimization and method development. Experimental results revealed that cadmium was accurately detected in all analyzed chocolate samples at concentration levels well below recommended limits for cadmium in foodstuffs.