Processing Magazine

New microprocessor controller

June 4, 2008

Premier Pneumatics, Inc. introduces the new Series 4 Microprocessor Controller (Series 4 MPC) featuring a mode for refilling feeders from a powered gate mounted to the receiver outlet. The Series 4 MPC can be integrated into the K-Tron SmartConnex feeder controls, providing one simple control solution for both feeders and vacuum sequencing receivers. The controller consists of a central control unit that features an easy-to-use, touch-sensitive keypad operating up to 24 vacuum receivers with individual unit controls. The operator controls the whole system, including turning receivers on and off, setting draw times, etc., from one central location. Additional circuit boards are not needed as receivers are added. The unit is shipped pre-programmed, eliminating complex logic programming. Additional features include CE conformity, LED visual indicators, easy on-screen system setup, back-up blower capability, blower shutdown for automatic bag filter cleaning, password protection, built-in networking capability, and computer interfaces for data acquisition.