Processing Magazine

New mix and dispense valves for two-component adhesives and sealants

September 1, 2008

Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.’s new 2151-482 Series Servo-Mix Dynamic Mix and Dispense Valves are designed for precise mixing and dispensing two-component materials in robotic and semi-automatic product assembly processes. The dispensing applications include mixing epoxies, silicones and urethanes for bonding, gasketing, coating, potting and filling applications in aerospace, appliance, contractor, defense, electronics, filters, marine, medical, sporting goods, automotive, truck and bus assembly dispensing applications. The unique mixer design incorporates two features. First, a standard disposable static mixer element is attached to the drive shaft of a variable speed servo motor for low to high speed mixing set by the operator on the control panel interface screen. The second design feature uses two of the company’s standard No-Drip® KISS® Series fluid control valves to start and stop the flow of part-A and part B materials into the Servo-Mix dispense valve. These valves have carbide ball needles and seats for long service life with abrasive materials. The fluid control valves are used in place of typical check valves, which are prone to leak and cause maintenance issues. Also, the independent valves can be timed to reduce lead-lag issues and allow resin purging the mixer.