Processing Magazine

New pneumatic line housing for magnetic separation

September 1, 2008

Pneumatic line housing for magnetic separation in dilute-phase pneumatic systems is based on drawer-in-housing platform of magnets for gravity and choke-feed applications. The pneumatic line housing (PLH) incorporates a series of 1-inch diameter, 50 MgOe Rare Earth tubes on staggered centers versus single, center-flow and “out of flow” cartridge circuits often prescribed for pneumatic line systems. This configuration ensures that all material flowing through the housing makes repeated contact with the magnets. The resulting capture rate of ferrous and weakly magnetic stainless contaminants far exceeds any other magnetic separator available for this type of application. Nedox® coated Rare Earth tubes are standard. Nedox® is a synergistic, self-lubricating, FDA-approved surface enhancement. It provides protection from abrasive particulates and corrosive materials and assists in keeping material with bridging and clogging tendencies from adhering to the magnetic tubes. The PLH is designed for vertically mounted applications and comes with a catch pan for contaminants, which can then be laboratory-tested for use in locating contamination entry points in the processing stream.