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New pre-assembled blower package features quieter operation

March 24, 2008

A new factory-engineered blower package, designed to be smaller, lighter, quieter, more powerful and more energy efficient, has been introduced by Dresser Roots. The EasyAir X2 is a compact, pre-assembled, skid-mounted blower unit with all piping, valves, and instrumentation in place. Produced for both vacuum and pressure applications, the new package features a powder-coated noise enclosure for durability and quiet operation plus easy access for service/maintenance. The new X2 is an improved design of the popular EasyAir 8000 blower package, which was introduced in 2005, with significant engineering improvements having been incorporated into the design of the new model EasyAir X2. The new second-generation, self-contained blower package is available with a wide range of optional equipment and can be specifically designed to meet exact customer requirements.