Processing Magazine

New Pump Tubing for High-Purity Applications

April 5, 2011

Pharmaceutical, biotech, and general-purpose laboratories now have a new high-performance, high-purity tubing to use with their pump systems. The Puri-Flex Pump Tubing is non-DEHP and contains no animal-derived components. It offers ultra-low extractables or leachables, low spallation and low protein-binding. At the same time, the long-life tubing is more durable than other flexible tubing, according to the manufacturer. Users can autoclave multiple times at the new higher 135ºC standard or sterilize by ethylene oxide or gamma irradiation to 45 kGy. The tubing material is soft and flexible, and ideal for long-lasting use in Masterflex® peristaltic pumps. It handles a temperature range of 50 to 135 degrees C and offers good chemical resistance.