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New Shredder Cuts Storage and Disposal Costs

March 21, 2011

The TASKMASTER TM2800 Shredder quickly shreds steel drums down to strips of metal for a major reduction in space, according to the manufacturer. It also facilitates the recovery of the steel and/or the contents of the drums. These units provide fast and efficient destruction of a wide variety of bulk solids, quickly reducing bulk volume by up to 80 percent. The low speed, high torque shredder tears through piles of steel drums, media, hard drives, pallets, rocket fuel, tires, biowaste and more. The TASKMASTER cuts storage and disposal costs, reduces scrap and helps in the safe disposal of hazardous or substandard waste. The TASKMASTER has a fully-enclosed dust-tight body of heavy structural steel. Hardened and ground cutter disks and spacers ride on two parallel hex shafts. These cutters counter-rotate at different speeds, intermeshing with one another. The unit operates with little vibration or noise. The TASKMASTER Shredder is constructed for long life and dependability. These shredders can be configured to meet almost any application or installation requirement. Each unit is supplied with control, stand and standard hopper. Other hopper configurations are available including a special Packing Ram option to assist in solids feeding. The units are also available with liquid tight housings and mechanical seals for liquid or submerged applications.