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New smart weight and cable level transmitter

August 22, 2006
Monitor Technologies LLC is pleased to introduce the SiloPatrol® SE smart level transmitter. The SiloPatrol SE is thesecond edition of the SiloPatrol® inventory management system for bulk solids storage! The SiloPatrol® SE smart level transmitter is the next generation of 21st century smart cable-based level transmitters and it provides a programmable automatic measurement cycle, sensor lockout input and a selectable relay output in addition to the 4-20mA analog level output. SiloPatrol SE uses time-proven weight and cable technology and combines Hall effect sensing techniques (patent pending), microcontroller technology, state-of-the-art optics and SMT (surface mount technology) to produce a rugged, reliable and accurate measuring system, even in challenging and extreme environments. SiloPatrol SE uses the patent-pending Hall effect sensing techniques to provide measurement diagnostic information, allowing the SiloPatrol SE to make decisions ensuring accurate and reliable measurements, even during harsh dynamic conditions. Other advanced aspects of the SiloPatrol SE product line include a new split-compartment enclosure to isolate electronics from the process, and a relocated process seal for fast and easy maintenance (if required). The smart level transmitter includes a programmable relay output that can be used to indicate that the process level is at a particular point, to indicate sensor error or to indicate the sensor cycle is in process. The transmitter is provided with a lockout input to inhibit measurements, an industry best measurement resolution of 0.01ft (3mm), and a freeze-resistant mounting flange. The unit is available for use in ordinary and hazardous locations.