Processing Magazine

New temperature controllers with read, write capabilities

October 14, 2009
The integrated temperature controllers simplify plant design, eliminate hard wiring and require less hardware, leading to faster commissioning and lowered costs. It supports better diagnostics, so commissioning is much faster and helps achieve better productivity and higher product quality through the delivery of better and more-timely data to operations and management staff. The unit features status LED and data rates up to 12Mbps. Features that differentiate the manufacturer’s offering from other industry products are cyclic read/writes up to 135 data points (244 bytes), as well as acyclic read/write capabilities. Also included is a complimentary generic station description (GSD) file editor for creating customized data exchange packets, support for both DP-Version 0 and DP-Version 1 functionalities, 16 or 32 bit formatting and independent temperature units in Celsius or Fahrenheit.