Processing Magazine

New Tooling System Delivers Electronic Actuation

August 4, 2011

The Electronic Tooling System (ETS) modular electronic sealing device is scalable, providing a repeatable sealing force — ranging from a soft touch for delicate parts to a firm grip for work holding. The ETS can operate as a stand-alone sealing system or can be controlled via I/O or connected via serial, Ethernet or DeviceNet, delivering ultimate flexibility and ease of integration. The ETS provides a clean and reliable alternative to traditional pneumatic sealing devices, simplifying and improving leak tests in a broad range of demanding applications, such as medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and industrial. Robust operation is achieved via a 24 VDC drive system, eliminating contaminants and moisture-ingress common to compressed air systems. The ETS also reduces maintenance time and costs by removing internal seals that wear and fail. Plus, the sealing tool locks onto media, even under power loss, increasing test safety and reliability.