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New Tubing is Weldable, Heat Sealable, Offers Great Pump Life

April 14, 2008
AdvantaPure is proud to launch AdvantaFlex™, a new tubing designed specifically for high purity fluid transfer. AdvantaFlex is manufactured from a biopharmaceutical-grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, and critical processing industries. AdvantaFlex addresses the need for a flexible, weldable, and heat sealable tubing for fluid processing. Its unique properties help it perform better than other tubing in high purity fluid lines and peristaltic pumps. AdvantaFlex is specially formulated for low permeability and to withstand repeated compression and release for consistent, dependable performance. It’s designed to far outlast other similarly promoted tubing. The combination of a tubing that is smooth, flexible, and resilient yet may be reliably welded and heat sealed is AdvantaFlex’s greatest advantage over other tubing materials. The tubing may be welded directly to biobags and other components for secure connections without the entrapment issues of fittings and clamps. AdvantaFlex is heat sealable for uses where sampling is required. AdvantaFlex complies with USP, ISO, EP, and FDA standards and is free of animal-derived ingredients. Applications include sterile filling, vaccine production, pharmaceutical sampling and delivery systems, peristaltic pump transfer systems, bioreactor processes, cell media and harvesting, pharmaceutical production and processing, high purity water transfer, and filtration. AdvantaFlex™ is translucent for visual contact with the flow and may be sterilized by autoclave or gamma radiation. Sizes range from 1/8” through 3/4” I.D. The tubing is documented lot traceable, offers documented quality control, and is available with validation and extractables test portfolios.