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New Turbidimeter with Quick and Easy Calibration

April 14, 2011

The Signet 4150 Turbidimeter will be on display at ACE 2011, June 12-16, 2011. The new 4150 meter provides accurate and reliable water quality monitoring that is compliant to U.S. EPA 180.1, making it ideal for both municipal and industrial applications. With its integral pressure regulator, the 4150 features easy one-unit installation and setup. Typical uses include monitoring for potable water distribution, raw or filtered water, wastewater effluent, and aquatic life support. Turbidity measurement on the 4150 is accomplished through a 90-degree light, which reflects particles as they flow through the cuvette, providing continuous and accurate on-line measurement. The unit’s replaceable desiccant pack assures a stable environment for accurate measurement and a built-in backpressure valve can be adjusted to eliminate bubbles that may cause reading errors.