Processing Magazine

New two-gallon planetary mixer design

March 13, 2006
New Double Planetary Mixer incorporates Teflon coated and patented “HV” blades, which enables the mixing of ultra-high viscosity formulations. The new blade design offers many other advantages including: design is capable of mixing products up to 8,000,000 cps; assists in the rapid incorporation of light and difficult to wet solids such as fumed silica; cleans the walls and bottom of the vessel during the mix cycle; the Teflon coating assists in fast cleaning between batches and color changes; eliminates climbing of viscous materials during the mix cycle; and produces a continuous, balanced mixing action, which eliminates amperage spikes and enables the mixer to handle extremely high viscosities. The "DPM" Model is available with a new range of optional features including sanitary designs, special benches, vacuum and pressure sealing options. A full range of sizes is available from ½ pint through 750 gallons working capacity.