Processing Magazine

New wafer check valve features sizes up to 12 inches

June 25, 2007

Offering expanded application versatility, GF Piping Systems has introduced the Type 369 Wafer Check Valve, the company’s first check valve to be offered in sizes as large as 12 inches. This feature, combined with its simple installation ability, unique spring option for horizontal mounting, and excellent flow characteristics, make it an ideal check valve solution for a variety of applications. Check valves, used to allow flow in one direction, typically require glue or tools for installation. GF Piping’s Type 369 Check Valve eliminates these requirements—the valve is simply inserted between two standard ANSI or ISO/DIN flanges, making for extremely easy installation or removal in the field. Centering eyelets provide easy fitting, adding to installation simplicity. For applications requiring horizontal mounting rather than standard vertical mounting where gravity is present, the Type 369 provides a unique solution. Designed with a spring option available in either 316 SS or Hastelloy C, this feature provides the unique functionality of being able to operate in the horizontal position, offering increased application flexibility. For standard vertical mounting, the option need not be ordered.