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Nigerian Rebels Threaten to Attack Total

March 15, 2010
The Associated Foreign Press reports Nigeria''s main armed group MEND has threatened to attack oil firms such as French group Total in renewed violence in the country''s restive oil-rich Niger Delta region. "In the coming days, we will carry out a number of attacks against installations and oil companies across the Niger Delta and will spread out to companies such as Total which have been spared in the past," the group said in an email to AFP. The Movement for Emancipation of the Niger Delta called off a three-month unilateral truce in January, angered with the Nigerian government for lack of progress in the implementation of a post-amnesty program for former fighters in the region. Last June, the government offered an amnesty to rebels who laid down their guns after a three-year campaign of violence against the country''s multi-billion-dollar oil industry. The campaign, which involved repeated attacks on oil installations and the kidnap of foreign oil workers, slashed Nigeria''s daily oil output. From a peak of 2.6 million barrels in 2006, production fell to as low as one million barrels per day. Since the recent amnesty program came into effect, production has risen to two million barrels. Total, one of Nigeria''s main oil players has been spared attacks on its operations by militants in the region. Last month, Total announced plans to invest seven billion dollars in the country''s oil and gas exploration and production over the next four to five years.