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Offshore oil company stays afloat with help from progressive cavity pumps

February 28, 2007

Moyno® progressing cavity pumps were recently purchased by an offshore oil service company that designs, builds and operates a fleet of ships to service the offshore drilling industry. The fleet delivers bulk drilling mud or other liquid materials to the drill site and removes used drilling mud to an onshore facility for recycling. Due to the amount of material transported each way, the ships are designed with very large holding tanks. A pumping system was needed to pump the liquid out of and into these sizable holding tanks. However, the company needed a system that could meet the requirements of varying specific gravities for the different liquids being pumped. Moyno successfully engineered progressing cavity pump systems that effectively handled all application requirements.

“Moyno’s ability to deliver a steady flow from the ocean’s surface to the considerable deep depths of the drilling platforms made it the ideal choice for this application,” said Dave Doty, Manager Sales and Marketing North America, Moyno.