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OMAC showcases panels of experts at ISA EXPO 2005

September 28, 2005

OMAC — The Open Modular Architecture Control Users'' Group, an affiliate organization of ISA, will feature technology and application developments for automation professionals at ISA EXPO 2005. OMAC''s first session, "OMAC''s Packaging Guidelines — Increasing the ROI for Industry," will be held on Tuesday, October 25. The session will focus on the development of industry guidelines for packaging applications by end users, working with OEM''s and suppliers. Experts in the industry will discuss the latest guidelines, providing advice on increasing productivity and saving money in the following areas:

• Common interface language (e.g., naming conventions for communications) between production machinery within the packaging industry, including adaptation of ISA-88 standards

• Control architecture platforms and connectivity options for greater packaging machine automation interoperability

• Common software elements and structures within industry languages for improved packaging machinery interoperability

• Justifying automation return on investments

• Defining and satisfying the educational and training needs of industry

The second session, "OMAC Manufacturing Architecture Guidelines — A Communication Cornerstone for Interoperability," will be held on Wednesday, October 26. This session will explore how OMAC and ISA-SP95 are planning to work together on factory architecture and interoperability standards between the factory floor and enterprise systems.

"OMAC''s MSMUG — Optimizing MS Windows in Manufacturing," also held on Wednesday, will feature manufacturing end users and help define how best to apply MS Windows, including configuring for optimal use and security in concert with ISA-SP99 guidelines on manufacturing and control systems security; installing and managing patches with minimal disruptions to operations; and achieving interoperability

"OMAC''s Machine Tool Working Group — Defining the Future of Machining," will be held on Thursday, October 27. The panel will discuss the latest developments in this important initiative to advance machining operations for better accuracy and performance management. Participants will interact with industry experts that are working on projects such as:

• The STEP-NC standard designed to bring CAD/CAM data into the CNC, replacing G codes with a richer data set, including features, geometry and tolerances,

• The development of an API that defines an intelligent closed loop controller environment to support open architecture concepts including application portability at the source level, interoperability of modules, and extensibility of controller functionality.