Processing Magazine

Omega Frequency Control matches flow to demand

October 22, 2008

Omega Frequency Control (OFC) for positive-displacement blower packages is ideal for wastewater, food and grain processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. Kaeser has engineered complete, state-of-the-art frequency drives designed to get the most out of your blower packages. The control continuously adjusts the blower speed – precisely matching blower delivery to the actual process flow demand. OFC units also offer enhanced controls through a variety of signal inputs, outputs and a Profibus connection. The OFC can be used with a variety of process followers such as vacuum transducers, pressure transducers, and dissolved oxygen sensors. In fact, Kaeser will provide the complete control system including the process follower, parameterizing, programming, and even the interconnecting wiring! OFC technology is available on all Kaeser packages from 10 to 335 hp and can save thousands in energy and operating costs.