Processing Magazine

ORP sensors and pH sensors enhance chemical compatibility

August 3, 2009
The ph/ORP sensors feature a unique foul-proof connector and robust sensor body, providing expanded chemical compatibility for use in a wide range of applications. The threaded process connection design provides flexible mounting choices for easy installation in the manufacturer’s industry-standard threaded fittings and fittings. The sensor’s patented connector is manufactured with corrosion resistant gold plated pins and is included in the system, which connects a sensor to a preamplifier while resisting moisture and dirt intrusion. A key feature of the connector is the positive “clicking” sound when connected to the preamplifier to insure a watertight connection. All preamplifiers can be used with any of the manufacturer’s pH or ORP instruments and includes electronics with 4 to 20 mA output for connection to PLC’s, SCADA systems, etc. The sensors mount into their standard ½-inch to 4-inch fittings, as well as into their tees and off-the-shelf reducing tees of ¾-inch or larger. Retrofitting into existing ¾-inch tees or into 1-inch tees is easy to do by using a reducer bushing. This installation versatility makes virtually any manufacturer’s sensor simple and easy to replace when coupled with the connector, which can hook up to other manufacturers instruments (with internal preamplifiers). Sensing elements are available in various configurations: The flat pH and ORP versions allow sediment and particles to sweep past the measurement surface, minimizing the risks of abrasion, breakage and coating. The bulb pH version can be used for general-purpose applications