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Oxea studies plant expansion projects in Bay City, Texas

November 5, 2012

OBERHAUSEN, Germany — Following the successful capacity increase of its syngas production facility in Bay City, Texas, chemical company Oxea is in the process of completing a feasibility study of additional downstream plant expansion projects.

The project is examining various scenarios to boost the plant’s capacities, as well as the further optimization of Oxea’s product portfolio at the site.

The study is scheduled to be completed during the fourth quarter 2012.

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Oxea’s Bay City plant is a large world-scale facility for oxo chemicals such as oxo-alcohols, carboxylic acids and acetate esters.

“There is a continuously growing demand for oxo chemicals from an increasing number of industries. Oxea’s oxo-alcohols and carboxylic acids, for example, are building blocks for among others phthalate free plasticizers or energy-efficient lubricants for the manufacturing of environment-friendly cooling systems, and are therefore in high demand,” said Miguel Mantas, Executive Board member for Marketing and Sales.