Global Processing

Painted Steel Floor Scale for Shipping and Receiving

March 14, 2011
The PFA261 floor scale is a fully electronic scale that delivers reliable weighing. It is made of carbon steel with a durable two-part, epoxy-painted finish. The PFA261 floor scale provides accurate, repeatable weighing for a variety of industrial applications. The scale is designed to be installed on top of the floor and is suitable for weighing uniformly distributed loads such as pallets. It is not designed for forklift traffic. Adjustable feet make it easy to level the scale on uneven floors or when moving the scale to a new location, according to the manufacturer. As an option, the PFA261 floor scale can be supplied with a scale terminal that is pre-calibrated at the factory. This convenient feature allows the scale to be used straight out of the box with minimal setup. The PFA261 also includes ramps that are available to provide easy access to all four sides of the scale. They eliminate the need to lift heavy loads, allowing them to be wheeled onto the scale platform safely and easily.