Processing Magazine

Panel Mount Flowmeter

October 28, 2011
Blue-White has just introduced a new option for the popular F-550 Series Panel Mount Flowmeter. The flowmeters are now available with an optional ½-inch Barbed Hose Fitting. The fitting material is Polypropylene with Viton o-ring seal. Available flow ranges for the F-550: Liquid: 0.5 to 5 GPM / 2 to 20 LPM; Gas: 2 to 20 SCFM. Additional F-550 features include: Solid one piece machined acrylic meter body; #316 Stainless Steel floats and float guides; permanent screen printed scales directly in front of the float for easy reading; bulkhead nuts that attach directly to the inside panel; separate mounting screws are not required; optional Flow Control Adjustment Valve; and the F-550 is acceptable in direct sunlight applications.