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Pfizer launches global regenerative medicine research unit

November 17, 2008

According to Reuters, Pfizer has announced the launch of a new research unit known as Pfizer Regenerative Medicine. This independent research unit will build on recent scientific progress in understanding the biology of stem cells and the opportunity that provides, to discover and develop a new generation of regenerative medicines for major medical needs. The new unit will announce several significant scientific collaborations in the coming weeks that will place Pfizer at the forefront of an emerging area of science that could one day bring hope and benefit to millions of patients worldwide. Scientists at Pfizer Regenerative Medicine will explore the use of stem cells to develop future treatments that may prevent disability, repair failing organs and treat degenerative diseases. The ultimate goal will be to deliver new medicinal products that can pave the way for the use of cells as therapeutics. Pfizer Regenerative Medicine will operate as one of Pfizer’s new small, independent research units to help it foster a biotechnology culture and environment. A key component to the success of the units will be collaboration with leading academic, biotech and pharmaceutical partners around the world. Details of Pfizer’s scientific collaborations will be announced in the coming weeks. Pfizer Regenerative Medicine will be co-located in the biotech hubs of Cambridge, UK and Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States. It is expected to expand to employ around 70 researchers. Scientists will operate in small, flexible teams, with the capability to make decisions quickly and effectively. The Cambridge UK site is based at Granta Park and positions Pfizer in one of the strongest biotech regions in Europe. This unit will focus on neural and sensory disorders. The Cambridge, Massachusetts site is based at Pfizer’s Research Technology Centre and will focus on endocrine and cardiac research. Pfizer Regenerative Medicine capabilities will be complemented by Pfizer’s vast resources including R&D scale and experience, a nimble and growing biotherapeutics organization, a growing network of alliances and collaborations and a vast array of drug discovery technologies, including tools and expertise developed during Pfizer’s 15 years of stem cell research.